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15 Watt E27 LED Grow Light Bulb

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Product Description

15 Watt LED Grow Light for Perfect Plants

By using specific light wavelengths optimized to target PAR (Photosynthetically Active Regions) wavelengths this energy efficient 15 Watt grow light is able to promote the vegetative growth While also improving the flowing and bloom. When this LED grow light is used as a supplemental light source for your plants it will promote stronger grow as well as intensify the flowering so as they bloom with a fuller, brighter blossom.

This 15 piece LED light is made up of 7 red, 3 blue and 5 white one watt LED’s. The red LEDs emit light at a wavelength of 630nm, which will be absorbed by the chlorophyll B and is suited to promoting the flowering and bloom of plants. This will help you to regulate when a plant flowers and bring a bigger, healthier bloom when it does.

Chlorophyll B, Chlorophyll C1, Chlorophyll C2, Chlorophyll D, and Beta Carotene all fall into the blue LED wavelengths of 460nm, this allows the blue LEDs to improve the vegetative growth of plants. This is particularly helpful for promoting growth in younger plants and will result in healthier bushier growth.

As plants need more than just the red and blue light wavelengths there are white LEDs that offer a wider spectrum light at 6000k and 3500k temperatures.
With a standard E27 fitting the bulb is easy to fit and requires no special equipment, the light is dispersed over a 60 degree angle so it can shine on multiple plants at once. With an aluminum heat dissipation board it won’t suffer from overheating and reduces the need for temperature controls that are required when using HID or incandescent grow lights.

Thanks to the long led life of around 50000 hours and low power usage this LED grow light is one of the most economical ways to get better growing results.

This 15 Watt E27 Grow light comes with 12 months warranty.
At a Glance...

    Optimized LEDs that target the Photosynthetically Active Regions for the best growing results
    This 15 Watt LED light benefits from a low operating costs and long lifespan of over 50,000 hours
    Low heat generation means there is No need for additional ventilation to keep plants from overheating
    With an E27 fitting it can be used in most common light fittings

Manufacturer Specifications

    Plug Type: E27
    Power Output: 15W
    LED Chipset: 1W
    Number of LEDs: 15 pieces
    LED Bream: Epileds of TW
    Wavelength: Red: 630 nm, Blue: 460 nm, White 6000K, Warm White: 3500K
    Red: 7 pieces, Blue: 3 pieces, White: 3 pieces, Warm white: 2 pieces
    Brightness: 0.5M/395 Lux, 1M/107 Lux
    Heat-Dissipation: Aluminum Board
    Life Time: About 50,000 Hours
    Light Angle: 60 Degrees
    Work Voltage: AC 100 to 240V
    Working Current: 300 mA
    Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Working Temperature: -20 to 40 Degree Celsius
    Application: Vegetables, Bloom, Warmhouse

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