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LED Aquarium Lighting Guide

Here at LED Plant Grow Lights we carry more than just plant lighting, we strive to be your #1 source for LED products.

LED aquarium lights are growing in popularity for many reasons, including the energy efficient nature of the lighting as well as its usefulness for plant growth. This aquarium lighting guide provides a look at the benefits of choosing LED.

What are LED Lights?
The acronym LED stands for light emitting diode. It is a form of solid state lighting that offers a large amount of light for the energy used. LED aquarium lights provide supplemental lighting in some aquariums while they form the sole source of light in others. Many aquarium owners are phasing out old lighting and replacing it with LED lighting.

What are the Benefits of LED Aquarium Lights?
There are several reasons why more aquariums are being outfitted with these lights.

Cost-effective: The lighting equipment is priced competitively and it uses significantly less energy than traditional aquarium lighting. This is true because it delivers 7-8 times more light for each watt of energy used. That’s like replacing a 500 watt halide light with a 60 watt LED light. When you do the math, you’ll see that LED lights for your aquarium can significantly reduce your utility bills! In addition, there are no replacement bulbs in LED lighting, further reducing operating costs. LED light fixtures are designed to last 30,000 to 50,000 hours, making them the most cost-effective form of lighting you can use for your aquarium. led aquarium lighting

LED produces lower temperatures: You don’t have to factor in the effect this lighting will have on the delicate temperature balance in your aquarium since the impact is negligible. An added bonus to this feature is that your aquarium chiller won’t be running – and using electricity – nearly as often as when hot halide bulbs are in use.

LED lights are excellent for aquarium plant life: Many manufacturers are producing LED aquarium lights that deliver as much as 8,000k to 10,000k of lighting, enough to provide growth-lighting for a wide variety of live aquarium plants. A 40 gallon planted aquarium will require just 12-24 watts of LED lighting in order to sustain robust plant growth.

LED aquarium lights are compact: When your aquarium lighting is more compact, it is in the way less. In addition, the compact size of the fixtures makes it easier to add LED light strips to your aquarium’s hood or canopy when necessary.

LED lighting is the future of aquarium lighting. LED aquarium lights are decreasing in price while also providing better watts per gallon lighting ratios. Take a close look at today’s next generation LED aquarium lighting to see how your fish, your plants, and your utility budget will benefit from their use.